3 simple tips on How to get choosy eater dog to eat their meals

3 very simple tips.
1. Always ensure that the food has human contact
2. Exercise your dog
3. Be calm, not excited about feeding

How to Say No to Your Dog: 3 secrets

Many people struggle with this concept. And once you know how, the change is really immediate! The secret lies in the tone of voice.

3 Secrets to Avoid Vets

Many people asked me whether vet bills are an issue for us. They figured that if they spend close to $1000 on vet bills for their one dog, I must be spending a lot more. I seldom have to go to vet in the first place. What's even funny is that my 7-9 yrs old dog are always mistaken for 2-4yrs old dogs by dog owners and by vets themselves!

Silky Dog Shampoo vs Whitening Shampoo

Treated vs Not treated with Silky Dog Shampoo
Right of the finger, we shampoo with Silky.
Left of the finger, we did not.

Helpful Tips to remove and avoid Tear Stains

We get asked a lot on how we tackle tear stain problem. So here is a detailed write up:

Tear stains is caused by a reddish brown yeast. This yeast can only survive in a dog's hair when there is enough moisture/water. The yeast usually grow near the eyes that shed tears excessively. This yeast will spread and will cause more irritation if left untreated. This same yeast can also be found on the legs if the dog's feet has been wet (probably from stepping his/her urine) and is not completely dried.

Common Body Language of Dogs

It is very important to know how dogs communicate. They do not just bark but they also use their body language to express how they feel.

Adoption: Initial Challenges adopting Betsy

I would not lie to you: Adopting a dog is challenging. Sure adopting is usually cheaper and sometimes free of charge rather than buying a puppy from pet shop. But there are more challenges that you have to face. And you have to understand that dogs in their juvenile age (1-5 years old) are like human TEENAGERS!

Adoption: Dogs Deliver Excellent Karma to You

People can't believe it when I said I adopted Betsy, the border collie x corgi, and Miki, the Silky Terrier or Yorkie lookalike. They are often pleasantly surprised by their gentle demeanour and groomed appearance.
I also told them our story of how we won a lucky draw, and how our business flourished after our adoption of the two dogs.

Betsy our second dog in Singapore, adopted from internet forum
After adoption, we won sofa from lucky draw on Straits Times

Miki our third dog in Singapore, adopted from SPCA
After adoption, we perfected our shampoo formula. Our income soared

Nutrition: Dog Food Vs Cooked Human Food

What do you feed your dog? Which brand? Is he a picky eater? These are some of the common questions when dog owners meet each other. Over the years we started out with dog food aka kibbles. But now we avoid dog food for our own dogs. Here's why:

Dog Psychology: Exercise, Harmony and Affection plus Optimism

This post is about the magic formula that Cesar Millan always highlight in his shows: exercise, discipline(harmony) and then affection. I would like to add one more: optimism. Most dog owners love their dogs and showered their dogs with affection. That is nothing wrong with that. I do it too.
But they might be showing the affection at the wrong time or situation. Then their dog misbehave, they get shaken(no harmony), they walk the dog less often (no exercise). Then they lost hope (no optimism).

So how do we build a better relationship with our dogs? Let's examine their needs: