3 Secrets to Avoid Vets

Many people asked me whether vet bills are an issue for us. They figured that if they spend close to $1000 on vet bills for their one dog, I must be spending a lot more. I seldom have to go to vet in the first place. What's even funny is that my 7-9 yrs old dog are always mistaken for 2-4yrs old dogs by dog owners and by vets themselves!

Silky Dog Shampoo vs Whitening Shampoo

Treated vs Not treated with Silky Dog Shampoo
Right of the finger, we shampoo with Silky.
Left of the finger, we did not.

Helpful Tips to remove and avoid Tear Stains

We get asked a lot on how we tackle tear stain problem. So here is a detailed write up:

Tear stains is caused by a reddish brown yeast. This yeast can only survive in a dog's hair when there is enough moisture/water. The yeast usually grow near the eyes that shed tears excessively. This yeast will spread and will cause more irritation if left untreated. This same yeast can also be found on the legs if the dog's feet has been wet (probably from stepping his/her urine) and is not completely dried.